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There are displays about Georgian Durham describing town & country houses, theatres and transport. One notable country house that is featured is Burn Hall.

The noted northern architect Ignatius Bonomi designed Burn Hall in 1821 for the Salvin family of Croxdale. It replaced an earlier hall but was built on a more elevated site.

You can find out about crime and punishment in Georgian Durham from our displays.

Amongst other things, an impressive new court house designed by Ignatius Bonomi was completed in 1811. Behind it, a large prison, also designed by Bonomi, was completed in 1819.

The Georgian period was the great era of canal building. In 1720, there was a proposal to build a canal in order to connect Durham to the sea and turn it into an inland port.

The plan was later abandoned. However, a fine statue of King Neptune in the Market Place commemorates the proposal.